Ralph P. Chicago, IL

Alice had previously worked with our Family to market and sell another property in the same neighborhood.
Her knowledge of the market, devotion to the Client and professional skills are unparalleled in all of the
Westchester County area. Certainly now, on two occasions, Ms. Seidman has produced results exceeding all
expectation. With respect to the most recent sale, Alice delivered value added customer service well beyond
the traditional effort of the highest performing Real Estate Professionals. Based upon Ms. Seidman's
extraordinary performance, only the highest degree of praise and appreciation

Thank You Alice for remaining fully focused and committed through the unprecedented challenges during the
period of Contract through Closing.

Lawrence R.

I have worked with Alice Seidman in the past and she is a true professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to all of my friends and associates. She gave me excellent advice and direction throughout each step of the process.

Cindee H.

Alice Seidman had helped me sell a house in 2014 and I had had a great experience with her then, so I called her when I had another property to sell.

Once again Alice did an excellent job and was a pleasure to work with. She advised me on everything I needed to do at every step of the process of readying the condo for sale, helped me determine the asking price and negotiatied with demanding potential buyers. She was completely dependable and trustworthy, and she communicated clearly and in a timely manner throughout the entire process. We even got a higher price for the sale than most brokers who saw the property thought it would bring! I couldn't have asked for a better agent.

Beth and Jeff

Alice took us through 2 simultaneous transactions, a sale and purchase. Her long experience shows - she anticipated and helped remediate issues as (or before) they arose. She was hands-on all the way. We felt cared for by Alice. We'd recommend her without hesitation.

Ethel & Murray S.

Alice Seidman handled the purchase of our new apartment in a truly outstanding fashion. Was immediately reachable & totally on top of any issue that arose. We could not have asked for better representation.

John A.

I consider you the most professional and ethical Realtor in Westchester.

Diane C

Hi Alice,
I wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work and guidance along the way in helping us to sell our house so quickly.
We were very lucky to have such a professional and ethical person represent us.

Wayne C.

Over a number of years (and in a couple of states), we have dealt with many real estate agents and we can not think of a single one who has come close to match your professionalism, perseverance, patience and integrity.

Robbie S.

We have worked with Alice a number of times over the years. She is a top professional, knowledgeable and extremely well organized and responsive. We have always been extremely satisfied.

Another satisfied client.

On top of all the transaction detail, all the time.

Betty J.

From our first encounter you were most helpful, ensuring that everything was in order. You made the showing and selling our the house relatively painless, keeping me informed of each development.  I do appreciate your considerate and careful handling of all details.

Gregory W.

In choosing a real estate agent for the sale of my property I read several resumes and too often I found buzz words that seem to play to whatever may be the zeitgeist of the prospective client.

Then there was one of Alice Seidman, who seemed to embark on a much more introspective exercise, identifying her signature character traits and stating them simply, honesty and integrity and responsiveness.

Honesty and integrity in evaluating the real worth of our property in current market conditions, responsiveness, all questions raised were properly prioritized for a response or resolved the same day.

These attributes in of themselves largely contributed to the sale of our property in four weeks.

It was truly a pleasure to work with her and I unhesitatingly recommend her to other clients.

Jeremy K.

This is a tough market. Alice Seidman priced my unit accurately, marketed it well, and held two open houses, with each producing a serious offer. The unit sold quickly and the sale went smoothly.

I believe that Alice created our 'luck' in this sale.

Alice's website posting and reporting to me of the number of hits and click throughs was excellent and greatly appreciated.

Ruth G.

I would recommend Alice Seidman to any of my friends who are selling their homes or purchasing new homes or apartments. She understands what you can afford and doesn't waste time by showing you places that are not for you. When it comes time to sell your home she will put it on the market at a saleable price. Alice never pressures you. She is very professional. You can be assured that your business is never shared with anyone else. Alice has all the attributes that make a good friend and a good realtor.


A broker shows his or her real worth after the prospective buyer makes an offer on the property. That is where Alice Seidman shines... in removing obstacles to the sale, shepherding the process along, keeping expectations -- on both sides -- reasonable. Alice is so inherently trustworthy that I was comfortable following her recommendations without question.

Jack B.

I would highly recommend Alice Seidman as a real estate agent. She is warm and friendly, and attentive to details. She listens carefully and gives excellent advise.

John B.

I was completely satisfied with Alice Seidman as my Realtor. She was very attentive to detail, and followed up on all questions and concerns. She guided me through the sales process flawlessly. She advised me well about the sales price range in my area, and what would expedite the sale. Working with Alice was a pleasure, and made the entire sale experience excellent.

Steve G.

Thanks so much for all your help in getting Rochelle's house sold. How you found a buyer in this market at this time of year is an amazing accomplishment. I look forward to working with you again.

Ralph A.

Hi Alice!
Since we never made it to the closing (we both had to work that day), I never really had a chance to officially say thank you for all your excellent work & advice on the sale of our house. Thank you! Jen and I both feel like we were fortunate to sell/close as quickly as we did, and it looks like things have continued to slow down (as you predicted).

Thanks again for everything and hope to see you soon.

Allen G.

Alice thank you for all your work, you did a great job, now you can use me and Roberta as reference.


Thanks for your excellent help and advice, and your calm demeanor throughout, despite all the twists and turns. I'm very relieved to be done finally and able to focus on other things.

Best wishes.


What an excellent after care service you are rendering to your client! We all know any realtors continue working hard until the closing, but few who take care of the client after that. I think that's what differentiates competent and caring realtors from just 'realtors.' Thank you for being so loyal to your former client. The words will spread out to the Brook Hills Community!!

Wayne C.

Over a number of years (and in a couple of states), we have dealt with many real estate agents and we can not think of a single one who has come close to match your professionalism, perseverance, patience and integrity.

Paul G. Reiss

Dear Mr. Wolff;

We have just concluded the sale of our home with the very able assistance of Alice Seidman. Of necessity, this sale needed to be conducted over a six month period. It has been said that selling a home is very stressful, selling it over a six month period can be well beyond stressful.

During the entire course of this time period, Alice was by our side, guiding, counseling, and keeping us cool, calm and collected. She was equally helpful in explaining to us why what we thought was a crisis was in fact not a crisis. Her ability to communicate with my wife and myself, but all the other parties involved.

We cannot praise enough her knowledge of the real estate market, and our particular neighborhood. She was able to provide us with insights into areas of legalities, relocation issues, and financial considerations. 

My wife and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Alice to represent any real estate client. After interviewing several real estate people, we were especially pleased that Alice was able to represent us with the style and dignity that we wished to be represented in.

We firmly believe that the entire process of selling our home was made easier and smoother because she was a key part of the process.

Very truly yours.

William S.S.

Dear Alice:

I wanted to thank you so much for your professionalism and care regarding the sale of my mother-in-law's property at 160 Concord Avenue, White Plains.

Trying to orchestrate a sale like this long distance is a nightmare. The problems that came with this property certainly didn't help things. Having an agent like you working on my behalf made matters helpful beyond description.

I have owned three real estate offices in my life and dealt with innumerable real estate agents in my capacity as a property owner in Boston. I just wanted to say that you are the best real estate agent I have ever met.

At no time have I met anybody more caring and professional and who takes their fiduciary responsibility as seriously and thoroughly as you do.

I am glad there are people around like you. Your clients and coworkers should consider themselves fortunate to have you. I know my family and I do.

Bruce and Karen Cohen

To Alice Seidman
From: Rabbi Bruce M. Cohen and Karen Wald Cohen

Dear Alice,

We were thrilled to learn that you are being honored this weekend at the Century 21 Convention.

'There is no place like home' says Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. This is especially true when you help a family find a home. You are quiet, strong and not pushy. Your first concern is that a family find a home where there will be joy and happiness. You find the perfect fit. You are a people person and care that your client finds the right home. You have integrity and work tirelessly. You understand what a family is looking for and within their budget and values and lifestyle you keep looking for the right place.

If one does not have a proper form you find it and help explain how it should be filled out. You help the client get through all the legalities. You are thorough.

We are very grateful to you for helping us and we look forward to a long and continuing friendship. You have an open invitation to visit our home anytime.

Have a great time in Orlando!

Carol U.

Dear Alice,

When my mother-in law, could no longer reside in her home of fifty years she told me she wanted to have a friend of hers handle the sale of her house.  I was very hesitant.  I didn't think doing business with a friend was a good idea.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Five minutes into our first meeting I could see that you are not only an extremely knowledgeable realtor but also a truly sensitive person.  You made suggestions and helped in every aspect of the sale. You knew just the right people to call when the house needed to be inspected, repaired, cleaned out and permits obtained.  Since I live out of state I could not have done this without your help.  I thought this whole experience was going to be a nightmare but you made it so easy. You have gone way beyond the 'call of duty' so to speak. I know that we not only found the best realtor in town but I also know that I have gained a new friend. There is no way I can thank you for all your help and thoughtfulness.  The next time I am in town I would love to take you to dinner.  We will keep in touch.

Anne P.

Dear Mr. Wolff:

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased we were with your services in the recent sale of our home at 81 Ridgeway, White Plains, N.Y.  I want to especially commend Alice Seidman who was our agent. She is truly an asset to your company. There are not enough superlatives to describe how my husband and I feel about her.  She is a true business woman but beyond that a person with a heart of gold.  I would recommend Alice to anyone who is considering selling their home and I have done so. She deserves a medal.  Thank you for a job well done.

- Sincerely.

Chuck B.

Dear Alice,

A note of thanks for all of your thoughtfulness and hard work in helping to sell my house this summer. You truly listened to my cares and concerns, which made me fell like a partner in the whole process. Of course I am more than please with the end result which was a quick, stress free sale of my home.

Even more, when I began my search for an agent to help me, my goal was to find someone professional, respectful, and comfortable. Throughout the spring and summer I have appreciated many times your thoughtfulness whether it was your concern for my cats Blanche & Nikita or your legwork in tracking down necessary paperwork.

Once again, thank you for everything you have helped me with.  I will gladly refer you to anyone interested in buying or selling a house. It has been my pleasure to meet you.    

- Sincerely.

Eran and Ornit A.

Dear Alice,
Thank you so much for all your help. You were so professional and kind. Your knowledge of the entire real estate profession impressed my husband and me.  We thank you and appreciate all of your efforts.  If you should ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to call us.  One would be fortunate to have you as their agent.  We are recommending you to all or our friends in our community. 


Alice, regarding my wonderful experience with such a knowledgeable and gifted agent.  Thanks again for EVERYTHING.   


I am so lucky to have had you and Century 21 to sell my house! You led me every step of the way, with expertise. You said 'two weeks and it will be sold' and you were (almost) on the button.  Nick and Terri were also very helpful but you take the cake!    I am grateful as well as lucky!   Thank you!” 

Eileen & Boyd J.

Just a note to say many many thanks for all you've done for us.  

Barbara M.

You are fantastic to work with...I know!

Elaine and Earl M.

We are writing to let you know what an excellent job Alice Seidman did in negotiating the sale of our house. She kept in touch with us daily and managed to put us at ease during a very stressful time. Alice is a most conscientious and knowledgeable realtor and a lovely caring person. Our thanks for a job well done.

Clare S.

Thanks for everything- you were a great help. You are the 'bestest' realtor around.

Eric A.

Your unfailing good humor and professionalism made the entire transaction as smooth as silk.

Scott G.

If you will recall, we were able to list, sell and close the sale of our home in White Plains in just over one month (and for the asking price!) It couldn't have been done without you and it is truly a testament to your hard work and ability to get the deal done. I hope your future clients will be able to see the professionalism, care and hard-work that you take in your business. We felt like we ended up with a great broker and a new friend.

Connie B.

At a time when emotions are highly sensitive, you maintained a balance and secured our course. Above and Beyond is truly your style of doing business. Thank you again for your support.

Bron M.

We appreciate your expertise and knew you were always available and more than willing to help us.

Ken S.

Her presentation on her marketing plan along with her credentials led me to one of the best decisions I've made.

Joan K.

I was very impressed by your attention to detail and by the intensity of your efforts in finding a qualified buyer.

Paul & Karen

You helped us buy and sell, all within 2 weeks. Thanks again for being the only realtor who didnt give up on our dream.

Lester F.

You inherently knew that I was not too keen on selling my beloved home of 46 years.

Peter B.

The professionalism you exhibited throughout your handling of my listing, your persistence, and your availability were beyond doubt crucial in effectively marketing and selling my home, if absent it clearly would have lingered on the market.

Jennifer B.

Thanks so much for your attention to every little (and big) detail.

Melissa B.

It's rewarding to have met someone like you, especially in such a difficult business. You are the quintessential real estate agent - Nick is lucky to have you.

Dan A.

We were so very pleased with everything Alice did for us pertaining to the sale of our home. She was professional and committed; always working in our best interest.

Nina & Norman D.

You went beyond the call of duty--as we were absentee owners--taking care of many problems and details that we were unable to do ourselves. You were so sensitive and understanding of the stress we were under with Dad's illness.

Pro and Rosario D.

Through your goodness and support, we're able to have our long most awaited dream, to have a house of our own. Everything came out smooth and perfect because of you.

Gizella S.

Keep up your good work-and thanks again for all your help and support in that hard period of giving up my home.

Marilee G.

Largely because of you , this has been quite a year! You are a great agent and I belive strongly in your miracle working abilities. My son and I wish you and your family joyous holiday greetings and a 2004 filled with Sold by Alice Seidman house all over Westchester County. You really helped us psychologically, emotionally and financially.